Thursday, December 11, 2014

In my own world

Sitting down doing my work while having lunch in Giant Kelana Jaya..people are walking here and there.. sitting at Secret Recipe.. focus and concerntrate on my work and suddenly i felt 100% silent in actual fact it is loud with people talking and walking here and there..

It is like Im in this world with no one around. It is just me and my tought. It is like im in this complete silent.. wow..

Then i decided to write..continue with my blog. To write about silent in my own world.. my own world with no one inside. Just me listening to my tought and my heart.. it is very important for us to listen to ourself. To listen to our own taught and our feelings. 

To wakeup in our own world and aware where are we now. To understand our taught and heart that brings us where we are now. Our life are determine by us. Our choices are made by us..others are just an influncer that we decide whether to follow or not.

So before you decide and make choices go into your own world and listen to your taught and heart. ❤❤

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