Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boleh Blah

What kind of title is that. What does it means? It means Go to hell..something like that. What with this attitude..Ramadhan is just in a corner. We should have this spiritual energy..positive energy but here i am with this attitude "whatever"..why??
I don't know..I'm hungry I guess. Hungryyyyy and don't know what to eat...Full of anger...but why. Why?? Let me tell you why.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today, penatnya. Jadi nurse jaga my two princesses demam. At first, my first daughter demam, brought her to the doc yesterday. Temp 39. today i need to monitor her and make sure she eat her ubat. Takut la jugak dengan wabak H1N1 now yg berleluasa.
Then today my second daughter balik from school ada temp jugak and pening kepala. Dah quarantine la dua dua orang. Tak bagi pergi sekolah. Queen diaorg yang sibuk update blog ni pun sebenarnya dah setengah tenaga dah, tapi tak nak ikut perasaan..nanti siapa la nak jaga anak anak kesayangan ku ini..
Fuh, nasib baik la ada helper yg sememangnya boleh di harap. Alhamdullilah my helper ni so far so good. Takut la nak cakap lebih lebih tapi so far alhamdullilah. Dia la masak tadi buat sup ayam and bubur. Ok gak la. I tumpang la sekaki makan chicken soup tu.
Bila anak anak sakit, mother will be most worried. Macam macam la fikir. Toward some extend paranoid pun ada gak..but then hei...that is what mother do..worried bout our loves one.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

My Shoes Collection.
Once a upon a time, there live this beautiful woman who loves shoes. Hei it is my blog so I'm beautiful...this is my Hindi movie okey..hahaha
She loves shoes so much that without thinking she will go out and buy whatever shoes that she fall in love with. There are working shoes, shopping shoes, marketing shoes (Pasar shoes), sport shoes, with kids shoes, casual shoes, party shoes, lepaking shoes and so on...Buying shoes is like a great satisfaction. The colour, the design, the comfort, the feeling of belonging. Whether you realise it or not shoes can actually boost up your self confidence.
I have this 5" heels working shoes and when I went for my important meeting, hei I felt like devil's wears prada..I feel so evil and hot with my 5"inch heel and walla I close my business deals. I close my sales order. I feel i'm in control. Wow what a satisfaction.
Then I have this flat shoes, whenever I go out with the kids..I feel so comfort and energize. I can run with them, I can jump with them and I can do whatever they want to do. It is my time with the kids, I need shoes that says I'm a cool mum. Mum that can do activities with the kids.
Oh, I too have this flip flop about 3" for my groceries activities. So even I go to the wet market I don't need to worry about my shoes and it is very comfortable. The best part is, i can get things on the higher level with the help of my 3" flip flop.
Here are some of my shoes...
There are more shoes that I will upload. The latest I bought is with bling a diamond on top..
And wait for my handbag collection blog...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maxis Broadband so lembab

OMG i'm so piss, dunno why my masix bb not reliable, there are so many stories and pictures I wanna upload and tell but whenever I wanna upload my picture that ties to my story, it's get cancel. I can't upload using my maxis bb. At first I thought ok maybe it is the size of the picture but noooo its not. I have no problem upload using starbuck wifi or other wifi coffee shop but with my maxis bb it ets terminated. Why?? I don't understand. I have this tennis story I wanna share, I have birthday story, Kuantan trip story, food stories and so many other stories. "Potong steam" je...I'm thinking of changing it to streamyx balik lah..tension la dengan my doesn't help me with my blogs. I wonder if others have problem like me, or it's just me. Do you think it my configuration..I dunno just guessing. Neway I'm so frustrated...