Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boleh Blah

What kind of title is that. What does it means? It means Go to hell..something like that. What with this attitude..Ramadhan is just in a corner. We should have this spiritual energy..positive energy but here i am with this attitude "whatever"..why??
I don't know..I'm hungry I guess. Hungryyyyy and don't know what to eat...Full of anger...but why. Why?? Let me tell you why.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today, penatnya. Jadi nurse jaga my two princesses demam. At first, my first daughter demam, brought her to the doc yesterday. Temp 39. today i need to monitor her and make sure she eat her ubat. Takut la jugak dengan wabak H1N1 now yg berleluasa.
Then today my second daughter balik from school ada temp jugak and pening kepala. Dah quarantine la dua dua orang. Tak bagi pergi sekolah. Queen diaorg yang sibuk update blog ni pun sebenarnya dah setengah tenaga dah, tapi tak nak ikut perasaan..nanti siapa la nak jaga anak anak kesayangan ku ini..
Fuh, nasib baik la ada helper yg sememangnya boleh di harap. Alhamdullilah my helper ni so far so good. Takut la nak cakap lebih lebih tapi so far alhamdullilah. Dia la masak tadi buat sup ayam and bubur. Ok gak la. I tumpang la sekaki makan chicken soup tu.
Bila anak anak sakit, mother will be most worried. Macam macam la fikir. Toward some extend paranoid pun ada gak..but then hei...that is what mother do..worried bout our loves one.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

My Shoes Collection.
Once a upon a time, there live this beautiful woman who loves shoes. Hei it is my blog so I'm beautiful...this is my Hindi movie okey..hahaha
She loves shoes so much that without thinking she will go out and buy whatever shoes that she fall in love with. There are working shoes, shopping shoes, marketing shoes (Pasar shoes), sport shoes, with kids shoes, casual shoes, party shoes, lepaking shoes and so on...Buying shoes is like a great satisfaction. The colour, the design, the comfort, the feeling of belonging. Whether you realise it or not shoes can actually boost up your self confidence.
I have this 5" heels working shoes and when I went for my important meeting, hei I felt like devil's wears prada..I feel so evil and hot with my 5"inch heel and walla I close my business deals. I close my sales order. I feel i'm in control. Wow what a satisfaction.
Then I have this flat shoes, whenever I go out with the kids..I feel so comfort and energize. I can run with them, I can jump with them and I can do whatever they want to do. It is my time with the kids, I need shoes that says I'm a cool mum. Mum that can do activities with the kids.
Oh, I too have this flip flop about 3" for my groceries activities. So even I go to the wet market I don't need to worry about my shoes and it is very comfortable. The best part is, i can get things on the higher level with the help of my 3" flip flop.
Here are some of my shoes...
There are more shoes that I will upload. The latest I bought is with bling a diamond on top..
And wait for my handbag collection blog...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maxis Broadband so lembab

OMG i'm so piss, dunno why my masix bb not reliable, there are so many stories and pictures I wanna upload and tell but whenever I wanna upload my picture that ties to my story, it's get cancel. I can't upload using my maxis bb. At first I thought ok maybe it is the size of the picture but noooo its not. I have no problem upload using starbuck wifi or other wifi coffee shop but with my maxis bb it ets terminated. Why?? I don't understand. I have this tennis story I wanna share, I have birthday story, Kuantan trip story, food stories and so many other stories. "Potong steam" je...I'm thinking of changing it to streamyx balik lah..tension la dengan my doesn't help me with my blogs. I wonder if others have problem like me, or it's just me. Do you think it my configuration..I dunno just guessing. Neway I'm so frustrated...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tennis Lesson

OMG what such fun. Last Friday is my first lesson playing tennis. So excited tapi hehe mula mula tu malu. Ye la tak pernah pegang raket tennis seumur hidup, ini kan pulak beramai ramai. Main tennis tapi macam main badminton..mana jalan aduih. Mula la terkial kial..Sakit tangan lepas main tau sebab salah pegang racket tennis tu...Neway terlari sana terlari sini terjatuh cinta pada tennis, sumpah bukan sebab coach dia k..walaupun dia tu cute la jugak tapi jatuh cinta pada tennis takde kena mengena ngan dia.
See this is my coach, yg lady tu is his girlfriend. Cute couple. Neway tennis is fun sport. I think I leke tennis better than golf. I tried to play golf but my swing is not so good. Lousy to be more specific. Tennis the ball is easy to control. So tennis here I come.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bandung Trip again...

Hi did I ever told you that I love and eating..Hmmm like wanna go again and eat the Nasi Padang..
Wuuu tenguk lauk dia banyak k..more than 20...then you pilih nak makan apa. I like the green sambal..sedapppppp...kat malaysia nya tak sama la macam kat sana.
I think I put on weight masa kat sana..hehehe sebab asyik makan je...then my exercise "SHOPINGGGGGG"....huhuhu
Bag merah tu my bag..tenguk bell boy tu nak angkat macam nak patah tulang dia. Hahaha...i remember dia duk tanya I apa ibu anyway I pun bagi la tips lebih sikit.
See nak naik plane pun ada hand carry lagi..hehehe...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Olio Olio

Last Monday i was at home and terlebih tot of doing some cooking at home. My kids nak makan spaghetti olio..Ok la so I pun buat..senang je nak buat olio ni..Tenguk out come dia..nampak sedap tak..hehehe..sedap tau.
Alamak Lapar la plak....

Depression Mode

Huh, just got a long talk about depression..I was like into depression for the past few days. I don't know what I'm is all negative kind of think. Hence it pull me into this depression mode. Im lucky to have friends that actually take their time off to talk to me. To understand what had happened to me, why I'm so depress.
It's one of the days that you got up in the morning and you don't feels good. I was like errr what had happened, why am I in this kind of situation. Where or what did I did wrong, what am I suppose to do in the first place. What is my plan to begin with.....but once you clear off your mind then walla..oh ok, I'm suppose to do that then con't with this..priorities, commitment, agreement, and so on...
So for those out there who are in my situation, keep silence for a while. Think of what drive you into the to friends, families..think positive. If only you know what had happened to my life, the drastic changes, my new need courage, strength and patience.
Oh funny thing but proud to says that my shoes retail therapy for depression is gone..err for now. Hahaha previously I was like when ever I'm stress or depress I would buy shoes. Why shoes or handbags?? If any chance I grow fat or manage to slim down it will not effect my shoes or handbags..i can still use it compare if I buy dress, jeans...Just look at my shoes collections, hmm that make me thinking wow I'm sure one of a kind that depress or stress up a lot. Just look at all the shoes...OMG. Hehehe depression = Shoes = Just a reason to buy a pair of shoes..In actual facts, Depression = Prayers.
We believes when ever you are in depression, always go back to the roots. Go back to the creator and seek for mercy. I always do that and it proven that when ever I finish with my prayers to feels great. My mind is clear, my soul felt free to wonder and ventures into the unknown cause knowing that I'm not alone...Allah is always there for me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miss U Girls...

I'm blogging again after war with my maxis bb, at last I figure out the issues. Neway so many stories in my mind that i want to many pictures I took to relate to my stories.
Wanna share about meeting my college friends, my very best friends..we did so many things together. hahaha kalau teringat sendiri mesti nak gelak. Dulu masa college semua kurus kurus je, now hehehe..sihat lemak berkrim. Ye la dah duk beranak pinak.. sebab tu gambar tak boleh bawah pada pinggang..hahaha.
So biasa la, gathering mesti cite about whats new..keluar la cite anak2, kerja, camna nak kurus...muahaha. Hish senang je nak kurus beb, makan hati berulam jantung..serious la jangan makan nasi. Eh lupa laks cite, macam mana dapat jumpa kengkawan ni, camni my good best boy fren yg tiada romantic relationship buat birthday anak dia, so we are invited. Tu yang dapat jumpa..happy giler la jumpa member lama yang amat ku sayangi ni..
Bila la dapat jumpa macam ni lagi cause semua ada family to take care now. Then sorang tu isteri dan ibu mithali, yang sorang lagi tu bleh la gak nak kidnap dia. I tak payah cakap la..available memanjang.
So cepatla calling calling untuk bertemu lagi..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Outing

Today usually i will go out with my kids and friends, but my dad pergi outstation so I took this opportunity to go out with my mum. We went to One Utama, had our lunch makan steamboat. There we met my aunty and cousins. Lama tak jumpa diaorang ni. Mak ai, cantiknya bila dah besar. Teringat masa dia baby comel je, manja pulak tu. Now wow wow, tak lama lagi makan nasi minyak la kitaorang. Tenguk gambar, Aira with my kids...hmm sekejap je nanti my kids pulak besar macam tu..
Ni kita orang tengah tunggu my mum pergi beli fruits. My mum loves to eat fruits..sebab tu kulit dia cantik je..cuba teka umur my mum..hah setengah orang tak percaya umur my mum k..hope nanti i dah berumur..hehehe..not tua..kulit i cantik macam tu gak la..
See my mum with Nana my eldest daughter. I wonder will my kids walk with me bila diaorang dah besar..hmm if ikut I dulu liat je nak ikut mama jalan-jalan. Tak cool la konon..OMG hmm better jalan with my kids often, nanti dah anak dara they pun tak nak jalan ngan I..tak cool :(
Anyway we really have fun masa keluar with my mum and my aunty..rasa macam zaman budak budak pulak ikut mama jalan, the different now is that heh heh I pun dah jadi MAMA....
Love you mum and thank you for your love and all the TLC.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Well Today

What a day today..Badan sakit, otak world is spinning. My bad for not taking care of my eating yesterday. Rasa macam nak muntah pun ada malam semalam, then tak boleh tidur. Just imagine myself this morning. Bangun tidur rasa macam nak pitam.. So lepak kat rumah je lah..but lunch keluar jumpa kawan sekejap. 1 hour then balik tidur. Penat sesangat rasanya. Now i feel better. After few hours of resting and lepaking at home, I gain back my energy. Esuk boleh lah merendek balik.. I don't know why I can't stay put. Tak boleh duk diam, ada je nak buat tu buat ni, gi sana sini. If stay in at home one day mesti mati kutu. Mulalah ada je nak belajar buat cupcake. Buku baking dah beli. Tunggu nak buat je. I need the equipment. Tengah usha mixer. Kat JJ paling murah RM47. Ok la kan..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lets go cuti cuti

My friend and I are searching for place to go for a holiday. Tak ler banyak duit tapi ada la sikit untuk travel and tour. Last holiday I went to Bandung..oh bestnya shopping. Heaven rasa macam orang kaya baru..muahahaha. I love shopping. Hah tenguk gambar i nya bag beli belah, nyaris tak bankrap.
Anywho, back to my holiday plan. I plan nak gi london end of this year so tengah check the place mana nak tiduq, makan, transportation and paling penting shopping. OMG kena start budget and ikat perut lerr. Mana nak cari duit for my london trip nanti. I need to discipline myself now. No wasting money no more. Why London..sebab nak tengok London Bridge..oh ya that remind me I nak sightseeing sahaje, not suppose to shop. Hmm ok lah, budget shopping cut..hehehehe.
Prior to London trip macam nak gi Vietnam..eee ngada ngada betul. When takde keje sibuk surfing mula la datang idea idea yang nak guna duit ni. Ok lah nak surfing, macam mana nak buat duit so boleh gi shopping..hah errr hmmmm.


Life you need that i'm lacking. For an example, doing this blog..apahal la susah sangat nak cari template yg cantik. The one that I choose semua nya tak boleh..hmm is it my notebook or application issues... Yesterday, i balik from my ronda ronda can't wait to log in into my blog and others application, guess what maxis broadband pulak buat god. I'm so frustrated. Macam macam i godek godek and it still can't work. Punya la benggang....but dah tua ni, eh tak la tua sangat...tukar..mature, so tak la mengamuk sangat. So today, i'm at starbucks curve with my new bff (comel tak dia..still single) godek godek my blog. will not stop looking for nice templates till puas hati...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Search for templates difficult to get the best templates. I'm with my good fren and she teachs me where and how to change the templates...what can I say, new blogger on the block..